Terms of Use

In general, counselors keep patients information confidential. There are a few exceptions as required by law. Since our contact information is provided on this website and you may leave a voicemail with personal information, it is important to inform you about the limits of confidentiality upfront. You should be aware that the law requires mental health professionals disclose information and/or take action when there is: (a) reported or suspected abuse of a child or vulnerable adult; (b) serious suicidal potential; (c) imminent threatened harm to another identified person; and (d) a court-order. If payments are made for treatment by a third party like an insurance company, eCounseling Connection may need to provide the third party with diagnostic and treatment codes, as well as updates, on progress if requested.

eCounseling Connection, PLLC is Not a Mental Health Emergency or Crisis Center

If you are thinking about suicide or if you are considering harming yourself or others, of if you feel you or another person are in imminent danger or having a medical emergency, you must immediately call the emergency service number (911 in the USA). In these circumstances, seek in-person assistance immediately. eCounseling Connection, PLLC is not intended for use in any of the aforementioned cases and our licensed providers cannot provide the assistance required in any of the aforementioned cases.

Geographic Limits of Licensure

Each state of the USA requires trained mental health professionals to meet specific standards in order to be licensed by the state board to provide mental/behavioral health care within that state. eCounseling Connection, PLLC’s current staff have a license in Tennessee. If you are not physically in Tennessee at the time of service, our providers cannot provide mental / behavioral health services to you. You will be required to provide proof that you live within a state the provider is licensed prior to the first telehealth visit (example: drivers license or license + utility bill if address is different from license). After the first telehealth visit, you will be required to verbally state your address at the start of each telehealth session to verify you are still within the state, as well as, provide an address where your provider may call for emergency services if there were to be a medical or mental health emergency during the video call.

We Cannot Guarantee Outcomes / Our Services May Not Always be a Good Fit

While we hope the services provided by the licensed professionals in our organization are beneficial to you, you understand, agree and acknowledge that our services may not be the appropriate solution for everyone’s needs and that they may not be appropriate for every particular situation and/or may not be a complete substitute for a face-to-face examination and/or care in every particular situation. While our clinicians use thoroughly researched treatments that have shown good results in research studies, outcomes of therapy through eCounseling Connection, PLLC are also depending on your practice and use of the stills and strategies taught. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the treatment. The use of eCounseling Connection, PLLC’s services is optional. To the fullest extent of the law, eCounseling Connection, PLLC and our licensed professionals, expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied.

It Can Sometimes Get Worse Before it Gets Better

We can provide treatment to families who have aggressive, oppositional, defiant, or highly anxious/traumatized children in the 2.5-8 year age range who may bite, kick, hit, break things, and use verbal aggression, but do not cause fear of significant violence due to their age, weight, and size. Sometimes in the process of behavioral treatment, a child’s unwanted behaviors will increase just before they begin to change. This is a risk you accept when initiating treatment. If there is damage to property or injury to any person due to your child’s behavior or accidental injury incurred by any person while addressing your child’s behavior at any point during or after treatment, eCounseling Connection, PLLC and our licensed professionals are not responsible for the cost of repairing/replacing property or medical expenses incurred.

When Additional Safety Concerns Indicate In-Person Treatment is Better

If you have been court-order to receive counseling due your own history of domestic violence, telehealth is not appropriate and working with a provider in person in the provider’s office is recommended. Providers at eCounseling Connection, PLLC cannot legally provide telehealth services to address domestic violence.

We Do Not Prescribe Medication or Substitute for Medical Care

We do not have professionals on staff who are qualified to prescribe or change medication. Nothing on our website or communication with providers within the portal should be interpreted as a reason to discontinue medication without direction from a licensed medical professional. Do not disregard, avoid, or delay getting in-person care from your doctor or other qualified professional because of information you have received through eCounseling Connection, PLLC.


We do not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of 16 (16 is the legal age of consent for counseling services in TN). We do not knowingly allow minors under 16 to become our clients without a legal guardian's consent. eCounseling Connection, PLLC is not intended to be used by children under the age of 16 unless a guardian has consented to the services and a specified adult with written guardian consent will be present in the building at the time of the telehealth service is provided. If you're aware that a child under age 16 is logging into the portal and providing information to our providers without the consent and the ongoing involvement of the child’s legal guardian, please let eCounseling Connection, PLLC know by contacting our director 615-640-0333 and we will delete that information.

Appropriate Attire

By using our login page to access the portal’s telehealth feature, you are agreeing to only attend telehealth sessions wearing attire appropriate for an office visit.

For More Information

In all relationships, clear expectations are important. If you decide to schedule an intake session, more information will be provided to you, so you know what to expect from eCounseling Connection, PLLC (like how payments, cancelations, and scheduling are handled), what to expect from your licensed provider (confidentiality, ethics, expertise in your provider’s specialization area, and healthy professional boundaries), as well as, what is expected from you (changes take time, effort, and practice. Change in the 2-8 age range means parent participation in the process and the practice). That way, you can make an informed decision prior to consenting (or declining) to receive our services. After reviewing our informed consent documents during the online intake process, if you have questions about policies, terms, or privacy, these questions can be directed to your provider or our privacy officer at (615) 640-0333.